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Difference Between Quantity Demanded and Demand

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Cynthia Vespia

By Cynthia Vespia

What is Quantity Demanded?

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Quantity demanded describes the total amount a consumer demands for a product or service over a certain period of time. Price equilibrium won't factor, as the price of the product or service in the marketplace is all that's counted.

The quantity demanded and the price together refers to demand, also called demand curve. How the quantity demanded changes in relation to price is called the elasticity of demand.

Inverse Relationship of Price and Demand
Pricing of goods and services will determine the quantity demand from consumers. An inverse relationship is when a higher price create less quantity demanded and when a lower price affects a higher quantity demanded. This assumes that non-factor variables aren't involved in the equation.

Change in Quantity Demanded
A change in quantity demanded means that the product consumers are buying has a quantity change. A change in price is the direct cause of quantity demanded.

Increase in Quantity Demanded
Quantity demanded will increase when the product price decreases. The same is true of the reverse. A demand curve represents quantity demanded for market pricing.

If a change in quantity demanded is made it will be shown as a movement along the demand curve. How much the quantity demanded shifts is called elasticity of demand.

Price changes dictate quantity demanded and consumer wants will shift the demand curve. For example, if a mass of drivers switch to electric cars, the demand curve for traditional cars will change. If the consumer preference doesn't change the demand curve will stay static.

  • Quantity demanded is an economical term that refers to the total amount consumers demand of a specific service or product with a cycle of time.
  • The pricing of goods and services will impact quantity demanded.
  • According to the law of demand, product pricing and quantity demand have an inverse relationship.

Difference Between Demand and Quantity Demanded

The terms of quantity demanded and demand are often switched inadvertently. Demand refers to a consumers want and ability to purchase a product. Quantity demanded means the amount of a product or service sought by consumers within fixed pricing.

Definition of Demand
Demand simply means how much of a good or service that consumers want to buy during a time period. Effective demand combines want, ability to purchased and willingness to buy. If there isn't means to pay for the goods or service then it isn't considered demand.

To explain further, purchases can be made at different quantities within various price brackets during a given period of time. Within that time frame, if outside factors like income or preference changes it will cause a shift in the demand curve. When the demand curve shifts right it represents increase; shifting left indicates decrease.

Definition of Quantity Demanded
Quantity Demanded refers to how much customer demand there is for a good or service at a set price during a given time period. The quantity demanded is always relative to pricing. Different prices will equate a different quantity demanded. The equation is dictated by consistent purchasing not a single purchased.

  • Demand means a consumers willingness and ability to pay for a product or service at a certain price.
  • Quantity Demanded refers to the amount of the represented good is demanded by customers within a certain time frame and at a specific price.
  • Any changes in demand occur due to these factors- price, income level, substitute goods available. Quantity demanded will only change because of price.
  • If the demand changes it will shift the demand curve. Any changes to quantity demanded will have movement along the demand curve.

Concluding Quantity Demanded

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  • Demand has an inverse relationship with price. If a price increases on a product or service, the demand will decrease. Inversely, when the price declines it can raise the demand.
  • Movement along the demand curve denotes a change in quantity demanded.
  • Price changes are the deciding factor on whether quantity demanded will shift the demand curve.