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How Price and Quantity Affect the Market

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Cynthia Vespia

By Cynthia Vespia

The Relationship Between Price and Quantity

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Supply describes a public goods given price and the economic relationship price it has along demand with businesses. Quantity supplied refers to the amount of the goods businesses provide at a given price. Therefore, quantity supplied refers to actual number. Supply curve is an equation that shows how price quantities can change demand.

Supply of goods and services
When economists speak on supply they are referring to the quantity supplied for a product at market price. A higher price almost always leads to an increase in the quantity supplied. A lower price will decrease the quantity supplied.

Economists call this relationship price positive as a higher price leads to increase demand of quantity supplied and a lower price leads to decrease supply of the quantity demanded. This assumes that other factors that affect supply remain consistent for the long run.

Supply schedule and supply curve
A supply schedule is simply a graph showing the quantity supplied at different price quantities. The supply curve is often called a supply schedule and is a graph showing how the supply schedule works with any curve shiftscurve shifts based on change price.

The difference between supply and quantity supplied
There is a difference in economic terminology when referring to supply or quantity supplied for the market equilibrium of financial markets. When economists talk about supply, they are discussing price and quantity relationship pairings. Price quantities can have movement along the supply equilibrium. This is demonstrated by using a supply curve or a supply schedule.

When economists speak on quantity supplied, they refer to a specific section of the supply curve, which equals one quantity from the supply schedule. In essence, supply is referencing the curve where quantity supplied is a specific point on the curve.

How Restaurant Managers Can Coordinate Price and Quantity

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A supply and demand model reflects price elasticity on a vertical axis and elasticity demand on the horizontal axis. A curve shift downward in the demand curve is where price and quantity demanded have to relate for perfect competition.

Original Equilibrium - Where Supply and Demand Intersect
On a supply graph, the point where the supply curve and the demand curve cross is the new equilibrium. The equilibrium price is when price and demand are at equal levels. In other words, the quantity demanded from consumers meets the quantity supplied by producers. This mutually majority is referred to as the equilibrium quantity.

If another price point is represented, the quantity demanded won't equal the quantity supplied. So, then the market price won't be in the original equilibrium. If that happens, it forces a curve shift in the market.

Equilibrium and Economic Efficiency
Maintaining the equilibrium is important when striving to have a balanced market that is also efficient. If the market reaches an equilibrium price and quantity, it won't shift from the midline point. Then, it is effectively balancing the quantity supplied with the quantity demanded.

However, if a market falls out of equilibrium, it creates an economic pressure that shifts the market to the equilibrium price and equilibrium quantity. This occurs when supply and demand aren't balanced. Understanding supply chains will be beneficial to restaurants seeking to coordinate their price and quantity for effective gains.

Price and Quantity Bottom Line

  • Price and quantity supplied are joined in the marketplace. As the market price lowers, quantity supplied decreases. Conversely, as the price change gets higher, quantity supplied will have an increase demand.
  • Supply curves and supply schedules are tools of the trade which sum up the price relationship with supply.
  • Supply is in reference to public goods at a given price and the economic relationship price it has along demand with businesses. Quantity supplied refers to how much of a product a business is providing at a certain price.