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What Makes for Strong Brand Identity?

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Cynthia Vespia

By Cynthia Vespia

What Makes a Strong Brand?

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A brand personality is the image and values consumers come to know a brand for. Having a strong brand presents a credibility of a brand's unique touchpoints that remain consistent over the long term.

Strong brands are clear on their values, positioning and long term strategies. Brand management is a way to ensure consistency of the brand strategy and prevent the brand from shifting credibility.

A brand strategy maintains the content and style across all marketing messages. This way, the brand personality is clearly recognized by consumers without any confusion to the message being sent. Strong brands have positive effects on the success of the company.

A strong brand will also impact the company infrastructure by creating an environment in which employees understand the core values and expectations clearly. Management can use the framework of a brand strategy as a pillar towards the success of the business. always has an impact internally as well as externally.

Examples of a Strong Brand

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Brand identity is more than just a company logo or slogan. Developing a strong brand is a way to present the company vision to the consumer in a clear and consistent manner.

Brand management will include every aspect of the company like product development, customer support, employee and service expectations, all geared towards attracting the target audience.

The following are a few elements that represent a strong brand identity.

Company Name
A company name is an identifier of the brand and what is being offered. Coming up with a a company name can be challenging. The important thing is to keep it simple enough that the customer can identify it without confusion. A company name will be next to impossible to change in the future. So, be certain about the name being chosen before the ink is dry on any paperwork.

Target Audience
An important part of creating a strong brand identity is understanding the target audience. Knowing the audience that will be most receptive to the company will make it easier to build brand awareness.

For example, when the target audience is defined the brand strategy can focus efforts that will reach that specific segment of the public. According to the Content Marketing Institute, narrowing the focus of intent has allowed 90% of top-performing B2B content marketers to enhance brand awareness.

Having a better understanding of the target audience will help mold the company brand and its core values as every message should reflect the needs of the target audience.

Look and Feel
Brand personality is created through a strong look and feel that's easily recognizable by the public. Brand identity is created through strategic efforts in which color scheme, logo, font size and style are all committed to what's called a style guide.

The importance of a style guide is to ensure the consistent look and feel of the brand identity across all media platforms including the company website and social media pages.

A brand logo immediately becomes a part of a company identity as brand awareness grows. The most well-known companies in the world can be recognized by their logo alone without any verbiage attached. Logo size, shape, and company messaging should be taken into account when developing a logo. Companies should also consider having various size scales available for different medium.

Brand Values
Consumers today appreciate transparency from a company. Having brand values in place that align with the target audience's expectations will ensure standards are being met.

Brand values will help the company to achieve a unified focus on goals that need to be met. When the target audience sees their needs being met through the statements and promises from the company it will endear them to that brand.

Failure to create a clear set of values for a company brand makes employees and the public alike uncertain what the brand stands for. Its as simple as setting product and service standards that are met each time a customer interacts with a brand. Whether it is through purchasing a product or interacting with customer service, the brand values should remain consistent across the boards.

Making a brand memorable can come from implementing basic strategies to start with. Outstanding customer service, quality products, and authentic marketing messages that contribute to a great customer experience will all benefit the development of a strong brand.

  • Name
  • Audience
  • Logo
  • Look and Feel
  • Brand Values
  • Memorability

Conclusion to Strong Brand

  • Having a strong brand means the company expression, products and services are all immediately recognizable to consumers.
  • Brand identity includes every aspect of a company and the way it presents itself to its target audience.