Last Updated On July 15, 2021 / Written By Cynthia Vespia

What are Psychographics of a Target Market?

What are Psychographics of a Target Market?

Using psychographic marketing is a valuable tool to establish an ideal customer as a target market. Data collection from psychographic research gathers together personality traits, social class, interests and even the marital status of a target market for market research.

Case studies of focus groups have attempted to identify what's called IAO variables. This means a psychographic profile is attempting to identify how the demographic segmentation reacts based on emotions and not just social class.

The difference between psychographics and demographics
Demographic data takes into account broad areas of a target audience like age, race, and income. Psychographic data compiles opinions and interests from the target market.

Neither data collection should be performed without the other. Psychographic data can be analyzed alongside demographic data to get a better understanding of what customers want.

Why psychographics are important

Using the psychographic information compiled from psychographic targeting, such as Google analytics, it will provide a stronger base for marketing efforts. Psychographic data taken from the target market will make sure the marketing strategies are understanding customers buyer personas. If a business understands the personality traits of an ideal customer, they know where to put their marketing efforts.

Examples of Psychographics of a Target Market

Psychographic marketing can be a part of the customer experience from start to finish. The following examples use psychographic marketing within the various social media platforms and websites.

1. Twitter Psychographic marketing

Engagement is the cornerstone to marketing on social media platforms. Most of the major platforms often have keyword targeting as a primary method to attract engagement from outsiders who may not already be following the brand.

For example, Twitter often shows what hashtags are trending during the day. If a brand can jump on board with a trendy hashtag, or better yet get one trending themselves, it can draw more eyes to the brand's personal Twitter account. The data portal on Twitter should not be ignored by businesses serious about using psychographics to develop a strong following from an ideal customer and the target audience.

2. Facebook Psychographic Marketing

A differentiating feature that Facebook provides for their marketing is targeting ads towards followed pages or accounts. Dollar Shave Club piggybacked on Gillette's success by gearing an ad towards those who already follow Gillette. Facebook users who saw the ad then grew curious enough to check out Dollar Shave Club as an alternative product purchase.

Data woven into the analytics of a Facebook marketing campaign can garner tremendous insight on what's reaching the target audience and what isn't. Tweaking performance of ads can help brands find new followers on the platform.

3. Instagram psychographic marketing
To truly leverage the psychological impact of psychographics, persuasive techniques are invaluable. Chambord ran an Instagram ad focused on exclusivity and scarcity of a product to make it seem rare. This appealed to individuals who express themselves with a uniqueness and therefore would respond to that type of ad. That's where knowing your audience comes in handy.

Instagram is image heavy making it an ideal form of psychographic marketing. The ads provide extensive targeting features that can narrow down precisely who the ad is targeted towards.

4. Youtube
YouTube ads have the option to target visitors to the platform based on their viewing habits. This provides more succinct targeting based on interests demonstrated through user viewing. It allows brands to make ads that are precise and relevant to their target audience.

For example, Under Armour fitness wear created an ad that targeted different segments their brand would attract- baseball fans and UA consumers. The ad showcased their knowledge of baseball while promoting UA cleats.

5. Email Marketing
While social media marketing opens a lot of opportunities, there is nothing definitive in their longevity. Facebook or Twitter could vanish tomorrow for one reason or another and take all their followers with them. A thoughtfully constructed email campaign allows brands to develop followers independently of any platform.

Targeted email campaigns can be used to compel the audience towards taking specific action. Most email hosts include something like Google analytics to monitor how each email campaign sent resonated with the target audience.

Conclusion to Psychographics of a Target Market

  • Psychographics of a target market develop an understanding of an ideal customer and their buying habits. Understanding this data helps with marketing strategies.
  • Psychographic marketing can be used through the customer journey as a means to compile case studies.
  • When digital marketing uses psychographic information it makes for a strong strategy.