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Maintain Food Safety Standards

Any business in the food industry has the added pressure of making sure they comply with strict food safety laws set at both a federal and state level. Failing to meet these standards is detrimental to your business, and can even lead to your store being shut down. While there are many aspects to maintaining food safety standards, many businesses get shut down due to having equipment that is not compliant with food safety standards.

Zip Temperature monitors your storage facilities throughout the day so that your business is always meeting the proper food safety standards. Our application ensures that your equipment is always functioning properly and is within the appropriate food safety thresholds.

Manage Your Time Wisely

Time management is one of the most important aspects of running any business. Unfortunately, many management teams spend more time than necessary working on tasks that take up an excessive amount of time, including equipment checks. Being able to minimize the amount of time spent executing these tasks would save valuable time that could be used in other areas of operation.

Zip Temperature automatically tracks the temperature, pressure, humidity, and luminosity of your equipment throughout the day, eliminating the need to go through your restaurant and manually take down the numbers on all of your storage facilities throughout the day.

Increase Your Visibility

When you start a business, it can be very difficult to effectively maintain equipment throughout your store. When equipment is not properly maintained, it ultimately hurts the production and quality of your product. Having constant visibility on the overall health of your storage facilities is a key aspect of ensuring a positive customer experience.

Zip Temperature gives you complete visibility on all of your equipment at the same time, and immediately lets you know whenever there is an issue with one of your storage facilities so that your equipment is never ignored. We have also given you and your team access to alerts so that you’ll be notified if any of your equipment does not meet standards. Our application monitors your equipment for you, so that you and your management team can focus on completing other tasks throughout your store.

Protect Your Reputation

The reputation of your business and the products you serve can make or break your sales, which is why making sure you have the ability to serve food and drinks at the proper temperature is essential to the success of your business. If you distribute food that is not optimal for consumption, your customers will have a poor experience, which will damage the reputation of your business and severely hurt your bottom line.

Zip Temperature lets you monitor the temperature of all of your storage facilities at once, so that you can ensure your customers receive a product that is at an appropriate temperature, and safe to eat. We make it easy to track your equipment so that you can put out a high quality product that will help boost the reputation of your business and increase overall sales.

Access Valuable Reports

Recording data and generating reports manually is a task that it stressful, tedious, and time-consuming. Whenever you have to manually track numbers you run the risk of having user error, which can skew numbers and provide inaccurate information on you business. Thankfully, we made sure to provide you with quick, accurate, real-time reports on your equipment.

Zip Temperature gives you quick and easy access to a plethora of reports that are easy to read and understand. Our intuitive application comes equipped with violation reports, which can be accessed on both your web and mobile devices. These reports can be used to identify problems with your equipment, see which employees are taking action in your store, and ultimately help improve the quality of your product.

Reduce Operating Costs

One of the best ways to maximize profits in any business is to cut down on operating costs wherever you can. Unfortunately, many stores miss out on opportunities to cut down on costs such as food waste and equipment maintenance. When businesses fail to address this unnecessary spending, it cuts into their bottom line.

Zip Temperature helps minimize food waste by making sure your items are stored in facilities that are set at safe, appropriate temperatures, so that you never have to throw away food for being stored at unsafe temperatures. Additionally, our reporting makes it easy to identify any problems with your equipment early, which will reduce your maintenance costs since you will be able to fix your equipment before the issue escalates.

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