Optimize your operations with equipment tracking.

Available for enterprise clients with 5 or more locations!

Why choose an Enterprise Equipment Monitoring App?

Allocate Your Time Wisely

Having to manually track and monitor your equipment throughout the day is a task that is both tedious and time-consuming. Zip Temperature eliminates this problem by constantly monitoring your storage facilities throughout the day while automatically storing your data, freeing up valuable time that can be spent focusing on other areas of your business.

Protect Your Business

Keeping well-maintained equipment at appropriate temperatures plays a crucial role in upholding operational food safety standards. Zip Temperature protects your organization from breaking any food safety violations by constantly tracking the temperature of your storage facilities, and notifying you whenever there is a problem.

Real-Time Reporting

With the ability to constantly track corrective actions, follow-ups, and violations taken on your storage facilities in real time, Zip Temperature gives you all of the tools necessary to easily identify any trends that might indicate problems with your equipment, so that you can take action and address them before it’s to late.

Minimize Organizational Waste

For any organization, minimizing the amount of inventory wasted is essential to maximizing overall profits and increasing margins. Unfortunately, many businesses consistently waste an unnecessary amount of inventory due to the inability to keep items stored at the appropriate temperatures. Maintenance of your storage facilities is a critical aspect of food safety. Failing to consistently maintain and monitor your equipment can severely undercut your organization’s bottom line.

Zip Temperature gives you the ability to constantly monitor your business’s equipment, giving you complete visibility on all of your storage facilities. Having all of this information at your disposal allows you to keep all of your food and beverages in the appropriate storage locations with the added benefit of being immediately notified when a piece of equipment has exceeded the appropriate conditions. This allows you to remove your items before they spoil which will help eliminate organizational waste and increase your profits.

Ensure Food Safety Compliance

Any organization that sells or distributes food must follow and meet strict food safety laws at both a state and federal level. In order to meet these food safety standards, it’s important to make sure that food is stored in equipment that is functioning properly and well maintained. Failing to comply with these requirements increases the likelihood of foodborne illness’ spawning at your restaurant which can lead to sick employees, sick customers, bad PR, and can even lead to your business being shut down completely.

We created the Zip Temperature app so that you and your management team never have to worry about any of these problems occurring within your organization. Zip Temperature’s 24/7 electronic monitoring system let’s you track the temperature, pressure, humidity, and luminosity of all of your storage facilities at all times, while notifying you whenever a piece of equipment has exceeded the set threshold. Our intuitive app helps ensure your equipment’s food safety compliance so that your customers, employees, and organization are safe.

Reduce Your Maintenance Costs

Equipment maintenance is an unavoidable cost of running any business, but failing to identify problems with your facilities early can lead to an unnecessary amount of spending on new systems. While equipment repairs are not free, they are much more cost-efficient than buying brand new storage facilities. Unfortunately, equipment often breaks beyond the point of repair because they are not being consistently maintained and monitored. Over time, excessive spending on new equipment will have a severely negative impact on your organization’s P&L.

Zip Temperature constantly monitors your storage facilities throughout the day and immediately notifies you whenever there is an issue so that you can check your equipment and identify any problems before they escalate. Our insightful reporting let’s you identify trends through our in-depth violation reports that indicate if any of your storage facilities are malfunctioning. Being able to pinpoint issues with your equipment early will dramatically decrease your maintenance costs, which will help maximize your organization’s profits.