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The Value of Continuous Temperature Monitoring Devices in Restaurants

the value of continuous temperature monitoring devices in restaurants
Dakota Sheetz

By Dakota Sheetz

Insight into the Internet of Things

First it was pen on paper, then came the register and computers, now restaurants are using smartphones and mobile devices for taking orders. It's not just the PoS system, the convergence of different technologies made products like the continuous temperature monitoring device possible.

With the Internet of Things (IoT), restaurant operations can be more efficient as repetitive and tedious tasks get automated and connected for better monitoring.

Experts say that by 2035 there will be a trillion connected computers that are built into wide-ranging products, from clothing to food packaging and bridges. The introduction of more and more smart devices during the past few decades made connectivity the natural progression in the evolution of technology.

This innovation is fully utilized by smart homes where every aspect, from lighting to security, can be controlled using your smartphone. Similarly, restaurants have taken advantage of the latest technology from scheduling and reservations to inventory tracking and onboarding.

What is IoT for Food Service Businesses?

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IoT essentially refers to devices that are interconnected through the Internet. This connectivity via automated systems make it easier to collect information and analyze data to optimize processes. Any smart device, from your smart watch to your hair dryer, can collect and communicate data relevant to your life.

As Internet access gets better and faster, food service businesses can take advantage of this technology for safety benefits and overall savings.

For instance, the introduction of a continuous temperature monitoring device can help with food safety compliance, improve performance analysis, increase customer satisfaction, and decrease operating costs.

At first glance, IoT for restaurants may look costly, but you will eventually recoup your investment with its myriad benefits.

Plus, constant improvements in the technology will eventually drive costs down and make it accessible to more businesses. It does not have to be an overhaul of your system; you can upgrade in small increments such as placing a monitoring device.

Imagine having kitchen equipment embedded with chips which allow them to talk to each other wirelessly and minimize human intervention. Y

ou can get updates on your smartphone about stocks running low or tools needing maintenance so you can seamlessly manage your daily operations. You will end up saving so much time, energy, inventory, and resource.

The Benefits of Using a Continuous Temperature Monitoring Device

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1. Maintain food safety compliance- With a food safety monitoring system in your kitchen, you can easily monitor temperature and refrigeration round the clock and year-round.

A continuous temperature monitoring device can give you real-time data with escalating alerts for better quality control and to ensure food safety compliance across the supply chain. It can also detect any errors or proactively check for necessary maintenance to maximize the utility of assets.

2. Streamlined operations through smartphone system monitoring and automation- There are a lot of moving parts in the restaurant industry, with IoT the process can be centralized for better monitoring.

By embedding IoT technology in equipment and appliances, a lot of manual work can be automated such as temperature monitoring and maintenance. Real-time data accessible on your smartphone gives restaurants allows businesses to be more flexible and proactive.

3. Cost savings- Higher operational efficiency translates to savings. First, a continuous temperature monitoring device can help minimize food waste by ensuring food is stored in safe temperatures. This means you do not have to throw away food spoiled due to unsafe storage conditions.

Second, accurate reporting will help detect equipment problems so you can reduce your maintenance expenditure because the device will alert you to issues before they escalate.

4. Better customer experience- Overall, the increased operating efficiency provided by the monitoring device will improve your products and services which leads to better customer experience. Reputation is highly dependent on the quality of your food, so serving sub-optimal ingredients will result in bad reviews.

With a temperature monitoring device, you can continuously monitor the temperature of your storage facilities simultaneously to ensure you are serving your customers with products that are safe to eat.

Key Takeaways

  • Interconnectivity through the Internet of Things is an increasing trend across all industries, including food and hospitality, with experts projecting a trillion connected computers embedded in various products and devices by 2035.
  • IoT-enabled restaurants can start integrating their systems starting with monitoring and management systems like a continuous temperature monitoring device to reduce waste and maximize assets.
  • Continuous temperature monitoring devices and similar convergence technologies can help improve quality control, provide better customer experience, increase efficiency through monitoring and automation, and cut down operating costs.